Monday, May 10, 2010

Just FYI

I was shocked - yes, shocked! heehe - when researching this series for my blog that not only had SVH been re-released but that they had made some decidedly new and unpopular updates to the book. The perfect size 6 blondes are no more! They are now the perfect size four! Like size 6 wasn't threatening enough for young and old readers alike. I bet Victoria Beckham is laughing somewhere about now! I will be chronicling my adventures with the original book versions. You know the ones from the eighties and nineties with the big hair! I might purchase a copy of the updated Double Love but its doubtful so when my review goes up, it will be the original book I am talking about. I like things old school, OG, original, what can I say? Here's a peek at the new cover though:

I do believe that the new Liz and Jess are represented on the cover by All My Children and Grey's Anatomy star, Leven Rambin. Can anyone verify that? I think its got to be her, I know soap stars have been modeling for book covers forever and why not? They are generally a gorgeous lot of people. Anyway, look for a new site header soon made by my dear friend Ayshen and soon my review of Double Love will be up as well. I will include spoilers in my reviews so please know that in advance as well! Also if you're interested in watching Season 1 of the SVH tv-show please comment and I can get you downloads of it. Thanks!

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